It is fearless freedom.

Incomparably safe. Innovative. Versatile. Precise. Smart. Discreet yet uniquely designed. Peace of mind starts when you know your valuables are safe at all times.

It makes unauthorized
access impossible.

ARKURI is protected by an electronic locking system, located inside the case that operates fully automatically without manual intervention. The internal electronic locking mechanism is protected by the outer housing, which is equipped with sensor technology. Additionally, six electronically driven security latches, in combination with carbon fiber technology, make unauthorized access impossible.

ARKURI is locked by six electronically driven safety latches that are guided into a carbon receptacle located in the lower part of the case, thus closing the ARKURI remotely via mobile app. No manual effort is required on the part of the user, as the entire locking mechanism is motor-driven.

In addition to the internal electronic locking mechanism, ARKURI has an external safety cable so that it can be locked securely and attached to fixed points.

All installed parts are protected by appropriate sensor technology: Thus, motion sensors have been installed in the system, which trigger an alarm in the event of forced entry. Likewise, the cable lock is alarm-protected by a closed circuit. In case of severing the electric circuit or the electronic conductor fabric within the case, an alarm is triggered and forwarded to the mobile app via the security server in real time.

Our unique locking system integrated in a case that captivates due to its security technology and design.

It keeps you ahead of
any intrusion.

Server Controlled Security

The server controlled security makes it possible to be informed in real time about the security and location of your goods.
In cooperation with A1 Digital International, a Connected Tracking Module has been developed that allows real-time transmission of all data, most notably, the alarm and tracking functions. Thus , you are informed in real time if anyone touches your ARKURI, tries to steal your valuables or tries to access your secret confidential documents. Should you wish to know where your ARKURI is at any given moment, simply initiate the tracking function via App.

What makes the ARKURI security software safe

Advanced Encryption Standard together with a unique algorithm developed by our Israeli software specialists offer the highest possible level of security – giving the user total peace of mind.

It makes administration
incomparably easy.


The ARKURI app serves as the communication tool between ARKURI and the user. The app lets you know in real time if someone is tampering with your valuables, where your valuables are and also allows you to manage the access rights of your ARKURI.
In order to enable communication between ARKURI and the user in all circumstances, two types of communication are used: 1. Server controlled communication and 2. Bluetooth communication between app and cell phone.

Server Controlled Communication

ARKURI access management

The server controlled communication enables the users to manage their ARKURI, and to give others access to either the entire case or only the external security cable via App.

Three types of access rights

  • has full access rights and can pass on these rights, whether full or limited, to third parties
  • can fully operate the ARKURI
  • receives all messages concerning the case as a push notification
User with full access rights
  • access right has been granted by owner
  • can fully operate the ARKURI, i.e. open and close the ARKURI
  • operate the external security cable, i.e. fasten the ARKURI to fixed points so that it cannot be stolen
  • receives all messages regarding the case via app
User with Restricted Access
  • Access has been granted by ARKURI owner
  • can only operate the external security cable, but cannot open the ARKURI
  • Receives all relevant information via app

Bluetooth Communication

The Bluetooth communication serves as a pure communication tool between ARKURI and the user. It allows users to operate their ARKURI depending on their access rights. Thus, the locking mechanism is controlled and ARKURI can be opened, closed or attached to a fixed point with the external security cable.
In the event that neither NB-IoT nor LTE network coverage is available, ARKURI stores all information, and subsequently transmits it to the user via Bluetooth.

It’s the perfect choice

It’s not always easy to make the right choice – with ARKURI the choice is clear. ARKURI’s high security standard is not only reflected in its sophisticated software. In order to ensure the best possible protection of your valuables, intensive research has been carried out to find the right manufacturing materials.
ARKURI’s state-of-the-art construction materials ensure that the possibility of intrusion is made as difficult as possible. Should someone cut through the plastic layer and the intrusion detection foil, the alarm will trigger immediately and the cutting protection grid will prevent any further intrusion into the safe case.

It cares about your
personal data.

How your Data is Saved and Processed

The security of customer-related data is of great concern to us. To ensure that our software meets the highest standards of data security, it is tested by A1 Digital. Professional „hackers“ test the security and certify it.

All information concerning the system is stored on security servers located in Switzerland, Austria and Germany and is made available to the users according to their designated authority.

You can rest assured that the data processed by ARKURI will not be passed on to third parties. More information about this can be found in ARKURI’s privacy policy. ARKURI protects your data with the same meticulous care as your valuable goods.


How safe is my data?

The security of customer-related data is of great concern to us. To ensure that our software meets the highest standards of data security, it is tested by specialists. Professional „hackers“ test the security and certify it. You can rest assured that the data processed by us will not be passed on to third parties. More information about this can be found in our privacy policy. ARKURI protects your data with the same meticulous care as your valuable goods.

How easily can you break into an ARKURI?

In addition to ARKURI’s state-of-the-art construction materials, what sets it apart from other cases is it’s locking mechanism and sensor technology. In the event of attempted break-in, an alarm goes off and immediately alerts you via app. ARKURI reacts before tampering occurs!

What happens if I check-in my ARKURI?

ARKURI is perfectly designed to be approved as carry-on luggage. If you still decide to check in your case, this is of course possible. Since airlines do not allow lithium ion batteries in the cargo hold, it is only necessary to remove the battery before checking in. This can be done quite easily via the battery cover in the lid of the case.
After removing the battery, the case is closed and a TSA luggage belt supplied with the ARKURI case is attached. As such, your ARKURI can go into the cargo hold. As long as communication between case and phone is maintained, you will receive any information about your case in real time. If the phone connection is lost, your ARKURI will store all information and you will receive it as soon as you have network reception again.

Is there worldwide coverage with SaaS?

SAAS software is available in all countries with NB-IoT and LTE network coverage.

How do I order an ARKURI?

You can order your ARKURI directly by contacting us via our contact form or by sending an e-mail to In the near future you will also be able to order your ARKURI directly from our web shop.

Is there a set of instructions for use and troubleshooting? If yes, in which languages?

We offer videos on commissioning and handling of ARKURI in English. These tutorials provide a lot of helpful information. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our telephone support.

What if my ARKURI doesn‘t open?

In the event of mechanical damage, your ARKURI will open automatically, we make every effort to ensure that you can still access your goods even in exceptional situations. Should it not open, please contact ARKURI customer support and they will instruct you on how to proceed.

What happens if there is no GPS or GMS signal?

If neither a GPS nor GMS signal is available, the communication between ARKURI and your cell phone works via Bluetooth. If you are not in the vicinity of your ARKURI safe case, it will store all information and you can retrieve it as soon as a connection is possible.